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Blackboard Learn Release 9.1 Pilot Program has now officially ended and is now ready to be rolled out campuswide. We thank the faculty and students who participated in the Pilot Program and provided valuable feedback. Blackboard CE8 system will be decommissioned after Spring 2013 - therefore it is very important that all faculty who are currently using Blackboard CE8 system start migrating to Blackboard Learn 9.1 System.


Click on the "Blackboard 9.1 Login" at the upper right hand corner of this site and you will be directed to the login page. Login with your KeanGOOGLE email credentials (username without the part), just like you do for Blackboard CE8.

Course and Roster Updates

Just like Blackboard CE8, Learn 9.1 environment has been integrated with Datatel Colleague to receive course and enrollment information. Your course should appear automatically in your Blackboard 9.1 account along with their enrollments as long as you are listed as an instructor for the course in KeanWISE/Datatel Colleague.

Migrating your course content

You can migrate course content from CE8 by yourself. Read the article Migrating Course Content from Blackboard CE8 to Learn 9.1. Every course has a default quota on course size, therefore it is very important to clean up your CE8 course before you proceed with the migration, otherwise you may receive error while exporting or importing the course package.

It is always best if you can start with a clean slate - rebuild your course from scratch and take this opportunity to update your contents, exams and assignments.

Should you need help with your content migration, let us know via the online support forms or phone.

Tackling the learning curve

While the principles remain same, yet Blackboard Learn 9.1 system looks and feels considerably different than Blackboard CE8, and a number of new features have been added. Depending on how heavily you use the system and what features you mostly use, you may find Blackboard Learn 9.1 fairly easy to learn or a bit demanding.

Interactive Videos

To aid your learning process, we have gathered a number of short, interactive videos arranged by areas and topics. Visit the Interactive Videos Page to learn and be sure to scroll down to check all the videos.

Online Help

Blackboard Learn 9.1 has an excellent online help menu. Click on the "Help" menu at the top center of the page once you log in to Blackboard and select the link based on your role (instructor/student), which will take you to the Blackboard Online Help page. You can either browse the Table of Contents or search your interest in the search box.

Self Paced Learning Course

For those who want to go beyond the interactive videos and learn the tools better, we have developed 3 levels of self paced learning courses.

Basic level course focuses on techniques, pedagogy and best practices for online course delivery regardless of the LMS platform you are using.

Intermediate level course focuses on learning how to use the tools and implement the knowledge you have gathered from the Basic Level Course.

Focused on student retention measuring student performance and assessment and evaluating the effectiveness of your online/hybrid course delivery style, the Advanced level course will help you bring the most out of the available tools. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request access for the self paced courses./p>

Preparing yourself with the Self-Paced Courses:

If you are a very basic user:

If you use blackboard simply to upload your syllabus and couple of other study materials/power point slides, you are a novice user and simply watching the related videos is enough for you. (Of course, if you are ready to take your skillset to a different level, we recommend you to watch the videos and complete the Basic level course)

If you are a moderate user:

If you use blackboard to host assessments, assignment, discussions, chat - etc. in addition to what a basic user does, you are a moderate user and you should re-visit the latest developments in online teaching styles, complete the Basic and Intermediate self paced course in addition to the videos.

If you are an advanced user:

If you teach a fully online class or rely heavily on collaborative tools (Discussions, Chats, Blogs, Journals, Wikis, Mashups etc.) besides the commonly used ones (such as assessments, assignments, learning modules) and track student performance closely, you should complete all three of the self-paced course in addition to the interactive videos.

More information about how to access the self-paced courses will be published here soon.

Obtaining Support

Support procedures will remain unchanged - you must use the Online Support Forms to create a service request to obtain support. Face to face meetings will be available based on needs. OCIS will arrange some workshops on Bb Learn 9.1 soon and dates will be published in the "Workshops" area.

Pilot Program Participant Reaction

We had very positive feedback from most of the participating instructors in the Pilot Program. Student adaptability has been great as well because of its user friendly intuitive interface.

Is migrating to BB Learn 9.1 is a must?

Yes. CE8 system will be decommissioned after Spring 2014 - therefore it is very important that you learn (and migrate your contents if you need to) how to use BB Learn 9.1 and start working on it as soon as you can. There are Online Videos, BB Help, Self Paced Courses to aid you and of course, we will help you to ease your learning curve as well through e-mail, phone and face to face support. CE8 system will no longer be available after Spring 2014.


What's New in Blackboard


TurnItIn has been integrated with Blackboard 9.1 and the 'activate' link can be found in your shells. Instructors can receive student submissions and have a plagiarism check run as part of the submission process.

New Content Tools

  • Pearson MyLabs & WileyPlus
  • McGraw-Hill Connect and Create
  • Student Retention Center

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