Migrating Course Content from Blackboard CE8 to Blackboard Release 9.1

Important Information before you attempt migration:

We require that you go over your course shell, examine the files and contents and remove unnecessary items/files/contents. This cleanup stage is vital to a successful course conversion. If your course is over 150 MB in size, your migration will fail.


Difference between CE8 and BB9: Where things go after migration

Because the platforms for CE8 and BB9 are different, imported contents are placed according to the BB9 tools and arrangements. To have a better understanding of where to look for your migrated contents within a course, download and read the reference guide “Getting Started with a moved course from CE8” available at http://online.kean.edu/for-instructors Section at the Distance Education Site.


Exporting your course from CE8

1.    Login to Blackboard CE8, and login to the course you would like to export.

2.    Examine the course content. Clean up as much as you can.

3.    Go to Build > Designer Tools > File Manager. Examine the files you have and delete any unnecessary file. Look out for .zip files (yourfilename.zip) and if you find any, remove them.


Remember existing backup files are included in your new backup – which increases the backup file size significantly.


4.     Go to Build > Designer Tools > Manage Course > Backup



a.   If you already see backups for the course, select the backups and click on delete.

b.   If there is no backups listed, click on “Backup Course” and wait for the system to complete the process. Depending on your course size, this process might take from couple of minutes up to 10 minutes.


5.     Click on Build > Designer Tools > Manage Course > Backup again. This time you should see the backup file listed. Click on the drop down menu next to the backup file and click on “Save as File”


6.   A new window will pop up asking where to save the file. Click on My Files and then type a recognizable file name in the Save as box (Or you can leave the default file name that it appears with). Make a note of the file name.


7.    Make sure Tracking Data check box is unchecked. Click OK to proceed.


8.    Depending on your course size, this process might take from couple of minutes up to 45 minutes.


9.    Click on Build > Designer Tools > File Manager > My Files and locate the backup file that you just created. Click on the drop down menu to the right of the file and click on “Download”. Save the file to your computer and make a note of the location where you are saving the file.




Importing the content into Blackboard Learn 9.1


PackagesUtils10.  Login to your Blackboard Learn 9.1 account and log into the desired course where you would want to import the content to. Under Course Management Area, click on “Packages and Utilities” and click on “Import Package/View Logs”.


11.  Click on Import Package. Verify the destination course ID is your desired course. Select the package by browsing to the file you previously downloaded to your PC.


12.  You can then select what part of the content you would like to import – you can select everything or your choice – but at least one of the options must be checked for the import. Click on Submit.


13.  This process will take some time to complete. Allow about 30-40 minutes for the system to process background work.


14.  Visit your course again after 30-40 minutes and you should see your imported contents there.


What's New in Blackboard


TurnItIn has been integrated with Blackboard 9.1 and the 'activate' link can be found in your shells. Instructors can receive student submissions and have a plagiarism check run as part of the submission process.

New Content Tools

  • Pearson MyLabs & WileyPlus
  • McGraw-Hill Connect and Create
  • Student Retention Center

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