Instructor - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q.1 I do not see my classes listed. What should I do?

BlackBoard CE8 is fully integrated with the Datatel Colleague system that holds the registration information. As long as you are listed as the instructor for a particular section in the registration system, your course will automatically populate in Blackboard CE8. In other words, if you are listed as the instructor for a particular section, you will be enrolled as an Instructor/Designer in Blackboard CE8 system as well.

If you do not see your course in Blackboard, check your KeanWISE and verify with the Registrar's Office (Administration 1st Floor, 908-737-3290)to make sure that the system has you listed as the instructor for the section, rather than having a generic "Staff" assignment.

Q.2 My classes are listed, but access is being denied. Why?

This may happen for two reasons:

  1. Due to course load assignment from the registrar
  2. You have been reassigned a different course and removed from this one.

If you are assigned for a course, (you should see the assignment in your KeanWISE) and still denied access, please fill out the Faculty Support Form to resolve the issue.

Q.3 Some of my students are not appearing in my BlackBoard CE8 Roster. Why?

Blackboard CE8 is fully integrated with the Datatel Colleague system that holds the registration information. As long as the students are registered for your course, they will be enrolled in Backboard CE8 system as well. First, Please verify you can see them enrolled in you KeanWISE roster. If they appear in KeanWISE but are not enrolled in your Blackboard CE8 course, please have them fill out the Student Support Form.

Q.4 Some students appears in my BlackBoard CE8 course roster after dropping out. Why?

Dropped students are not removed by default, rather than the dropped students are denied access. You will see a red cross micro deny appearing by the name of the student. Students with denied access will not appear in the Grade Book. You can unenroll the students with denied access by selecting them and clicking unenroll from your class roster, but it is not a recommend process.

Q.5 How can I migrate course content from a previous course within CE8 system?

If you have other existing courses on Blackboard CE8 system, you can import contents from those courses to any new course shell of yours. Please follow the direction provided under Resource tab, under documentation, or click here for the instructions.

Q.6 I need training to use the system. How can I get training?

Instructors should sign up for the Online Self Paced Training Course by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from your KEANGoogle email account. Make sure to put "Training Course Sign Up" on the subject line.
Some workshops will be held throughout the semester to help faculty with hands on experience. Please visit the Workshops tab to see the workshop calendar and register for workshops. No workshops or training are offered for the WebCT 4.1 System.


What's New in Blackboard


TurnItIn has been integrated with Blackboard 9.1 and the 'activate' link can be found in your shells. Instructors can receive student submissions and have a plagiarism check run as part of the submission process.

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  • Pearson MyLabs & WileyPlus
  • McGraw-Hill Connect and Create
  • Student Retention Center

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