Student - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q.1 Do I need to use my Kean Student ID anymore?

All users must use their KEANGoogleMail userID and password to login to the BlackBoard CE8 system. For WebCT4.1 system, the login policy will remain unchanged. Students will continue loggin in using their Kean Student ID and generic password (Last name with first letter capitalized) and Faculty will continue using their WebCT 4.1 userID and password. You will still need to keep your Student ID handy while filling out support forms.

Q.2 I do not see my course when I login. Why is that so?

Blackboard CE8 system is fully integrated with the registration system. If you are registered for a class, that will show up in your Blackboard CE8 profile. However, if your class is hosted on WebCT 4.1 environment, which is not integrated, you may not see some course listed when you login if you register late. Please fill out the Student Support Form to get assistance.

Q.3 I see my class in CE8, but my access is being denied. What can I do?

This means you either dropped your course, or most likely the instructor has blocked your access. Please consult with your instructor first to resolve the issue. If no help, then fill out the Student Support Form to get assistance.


What's New in Blackboard


TurnItIn has been integrated with Blackboard 9.1 and the 'activate' link can be found in your shells. Instructors can receive student submissions and have a plagiarism check run as part of the submission process.

New Content Tools

  • Pearson MyLabs & WileyPlus
  • McGraw-Hill Connect and Create
  • Student Retention Center

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