When a course shell is provided for you in Blackboard 9, it is by default a blank one. However, you can populate the course with contents from another (or previously taught) course by following the instruction below:


Step 1: Identify which course you want to copy your contents from (Source Course) and which course you want to copy the contents to (Destination Course). Please verify you have Instructor Access to both course shells in Blackboard 9 from your "Course" tab.


Step 2: Go to your Source Course. Under Course Management area on the left navigation column, click on Packages and Utilities to expand.

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Unnecessary courses can be hidden to make your experience with Blackboard easier while maintaining control of those unnecessary courses.

Once you are logged in to Blackboard 9, click on the "Settings wheel" on your "My Course" Module as marked below, to see all the courses that are associated with your account.


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Mediasite is a video content repository server which is integrated with Blackboard 9.1. Recorded presentations and catalogs that are hosted in Mediasite server can be searched and embedded within the Bb Course shell.


Currently this service is only available for our Wenzhou-Kean Campus.


You must have an account with Mediasite server to be able to use this feature. Please contact WKU Mediasite support staff for an account.


Below are the step by step instructions that needs to be followed to setup Mediasite with your Bb course shell:


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What's New in Blackboard


TurnItIn has been integrated with Blackboard 9.1 and the 'activate' link can be found in your shells. Instructors can receive student submissions and have a plagiarism check run as part of the submission process.

New Content Tools

  • Pearson MyLabs & WileyPlus
  • McGraw-Hill Connect and Create
  • Student Retention Center

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