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The online Masters in Educational Administration prepares students to become administrators in public and private schools in grades K-12. Designed to prepare career educators for the positions of school principal and general supervisor, the fully online program offers fundamental knowledge of school law, finance, instructional and institutional leadership, and supervision.

Kean's MA in Educational Administration trains executives to lead complex organizations through issues like Common Core standards, high-stakes standardized testing, the charter school movement, school violence and bullying, and more.

Completion of the program qualifies an individual who holds a New Jersey instructional certificate or educational services certificate, and has had one year of experience, for certification as a general supervisor, K-12, and for principal certification, K-12, with five years of experience.

Program completion satisfies the degree and subject matter preparation requirements for a Certificate of Eligibility as a principal. Principal certification candidates must pass a written State required examination, obtain an offer of employment in a position requiring the principal's endorsement, and complete a two-year mentored residency following graduation.

The online program can be completed in a year and a half and is NCATE accredited.

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Educational Administration Courses

Public school administration in historical perspective. Analysis of organizational roles, including leadership, and curriculum and instruction oversight. Examination and application of strategic planning techniques, communication strategies, current practices and research. Prerequisite: Graduate Status.

Advanced analysis of organization theory applications in public school setting. Emphasis on personnel administration, leadership theory, systems analysis and planning to bring about controlled change in the public school setting. Prerequisites: Graduate Status and Satisfactory completion of EL 5502

Application of organizational and leadership theories to school supervision. Emphasis on management of human resources in a professional setting, identification of personal leadership style, and major models and techniques of teacher evaluation.

Theory, research and practice of supervision, approaches to staff development, evaluation, and in-service training.

Examination of philosophical and social forces that shape public school curricula. Attention to curriculum design, development, implementation and evaluation, as well as to the master planning and integration.

Study of the teaching and learning process. Instructional theories and models, evaluation and assessment techniques applied to the curriculum.

Career Options

Gradates of the program are eligible to take the state assessment for school supervisor/principal. Upon successful completion of passing the requisite assessment required by the state where they are seeking employment, they are then eligible to seek a position as a department chair, vice principal, or principal. In addition to the master's degree that is offered, students can also take a series of four courses which makes them eligible to become a supervisor in the state of New Jersey. Currently, there is no assessment required for a supervisor's certificate in the state of New Jersey.

The majority of the candidates that seek a master's degree in educational leadership have experience working in a school. Teachers are typically the individuals seeking certification as an administrator and the master's degree is often the route that they take. There are some students who hold a master's in another area (e.g., school counseling) who seek additional training to allow them to seek administrative roles. Though there is no specific undergraduate degree that is required to seek a master's degree in educational administration, all candidates seeking certification as a school principal need to have five years of relevant teaching experience.

Why online?

Online classes not only provide a flexible schedule for busy adults who wish to advance to a higher degree, but also offer a learning environment that is available whenever and wherever there is access to a computer. Students have a unique opportunity to advance in their careers by earning a supervisor certificate, a principal endorsement and/or credits towards an advancement in pay scale. By removing the situational barriers of the traditional classroom, students experience learning in a format that allows for participation at will. There is ample evidence that online learning increases student interaction, is cost effective, and multi-faceted in the asynchronous web-based interactive learning environment.

Why Kean?

Kean University has an established state-wide reputation and is a recognized leader in preparing educational leaders. Kean's highly regarded and experienced practitioners have been preparing administrators for New Jersey's schools for over 160 years. Kean University has been and continues to be a formidable leader in scholarship as well as in the development of educational leaders who not only understand the fundamentals of school law, finance, instructional curriculum and supervision but who also are taught how to apply their knowledge and talents in the field.

Kean University is a world-class institution with a strong regional reputation. Those with Kean University credentials are well regarded and respected in the educational arena and they are fully equipped for success in their profession. As one of the largest state intuitions with regional acclaim, Kean University attracts graduate students from across the state. With the evolving educational arena, the need for leadership is paramount for success. Kean University is at the forefront of training of such leaders.

Who should apply?

Kean University provides the M.A. in Educational Administration opportunity for educators who work well independently. If you are motivated and want to complete coursework in a convenient, standards- based NCATE accredited program, then this is a career step you should strongly consider.

Graduates of the online M.A. in Educational Administration will have the same confidence of completing a high quality and outstanding program equal to the traditional format and proud to be a Kean graduate.

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